Using Brass to Create Standout Jewelry Pieces

Designing jewelry can be a time consuming and expensive craft. After all, it’s not always feasible or desired for artisans to use high cost materials such as gold and platinum in their designs. To appeal to a wider market, keep costs low and experiment with more unusual ideas, jewelry craftspeople can use brass as either a base or component of their designs. Brass is easy to solder, which makes it a great metal choice for those new to making jewelry, short on time or for tricky designs.

Low Melting Point

With a low melting point, brass is a metal than can easily be cast into jewelry molds if desired. Or, turning down the heat a notch, it reacts beautifully with heat to create colored patterns on the surface. This is eye-catching when worn as jewelry. Even better, brass is a durable metal, which means there’s less concern that it will be damaged or broken while being worn, pulled or dropped.

Color Options

Depending on the exact alloy you choose, brass comes in a range of colors. You can create jewelry that ranges from silver, to warm gold, right through to a rich chocolate brown. This means brass can replace a number of more expensive metals, and it would be difficult to tell a difference.


The low cost of brass means a jewelry designer can either lower their overheads, or purchase more product to make larger jewelry pieces with. It’s more attainable to create headdresses than rings, if that’s your preference.

For brass at the best price, speak to a supplier. They will offer advice on pricing, dimensions, quantity and quality, should you need it.


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