Brass and Mirrors Combine for Style and Function

Those with careers in the glass and mirror industry will know the perils of working with a fragile material. Measurements must be exact, and the products must be handled with great care to protect them from damage.

Most mirror products are bordered with another material, such as wood, metal or plastic, to both protect them and add style and function. One product that can be an interesting and useful one to combine with mirrors is brass. It has properties that are beneficial in the mirror and glass industry.


For stunning aesthetic design, mirrors can be framed, finished or combined with brass to create varying design styles. The color of polished brass lends itself perfectly to nautical-themed pieces. Alternatively, use a ferric nitrate finish to create antique finished to mirrored products.

This would fit with a more classic décor which is popular with modern consumers. Brass can either be easily cast into frame shapes due to a low melting point, or shaped through extrusions, depending on the style that’s trying to be achieved. A modern look can be achieved with either a geometric shape or thin, delicate brass edging.


Although not a replacement for careful handling, when brass is used to create a frame for mirror or glass, it can help to protect the product from cracking or breaking. Brass is a very durable and strong metal, and is resistant to splitting when knocked. This means the edge of mirror products can have additional protection when finished with brass.

To find brass that’s suited to the needs of your industry, speak to a specialist brass supplier. They will be able to advise on the correct brass products needed to compliment your mirror and glass.


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