Creating Water Features from Brass Channels

In the modern world people are always trying to find innovative ways to design their homes and gardens. One way to transform a space is to design water features for both indoor and outdoor use.

Although not the first material that springs to mind when creating water features, brass is actually a smart choice due to its durability and affordability. As it’s also resistant to corrosion, there’s no issue with exposing a brass design to water. There are many ways to include brass in water feature creations.

Brass Channels

Traditionally used for support in construction, brass channels can be an attractive and clever way to guide and funnel water. Available in many and sizes, you could create a water feature with a thin trickle or a wide sheet of water flow.

Depending on the exact alloy you use, the color of brass can vary from light gold to a deep, rich brown or silver. Over time, brass will weather into different shades, meaning a water feature could change over time and be an interesting topic of discussion. As the water catches the light, the color of the brass will shine through and be an attractive design aspect of the sculpture.

Sheets of Brass

Using sheets of brass in varying thicknesses, you can either bend or melt the metal to create bowls, statues and other aspects of a water feature. Brass is versatile and resistant to wear, so even with water flowing through your design on a daily basis, the structure will not alter with a good quality material.

Contact a supplier with a good reputation so that you’re getting an alloy with all the necessary attributes for a water feature.


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