Why Bronze Makes Perfect Commercial Handrails

In commercial settings, it can often be underestimated just how much strain a handrail is put under on a daily basis. A handrail needs to be able to handle weight, pressure, friction and exposure to bodily fluids and bacteria. It is important for designers to select a material that can continue to perform well and look good for a long period of time, despite being put through the ringer every day.

Bronze is a great choice as it has many properties which lend themselves well to the tasks a handrail needs to fulfill.

The Properties of Bronze

Bronze is very durable and hard wearing, so it will resist wear from the friction of hands and clothes rubbing against it repeatedly. It is also stronger than many other elements or metal alloys, so will not bend or crack under pressure or weight.

Bronze can be used in both indoor or outdoor commercial handrails, and will patina into an attractive color with time. It is also easily smelted and shaped, so you can cast or extrude it if you plan to create an intricate design. As bronze is anti-corrosive, it won’t break down if exposed to water. Even if exposed to sweat through palms, it will stand up as a handrail for years.

To keep costs down, speak to a reliable bronze supplier directly. They’ll be able to assist you in finding bronze tubes which perfectly meet your size and shape requirements. Bronze tubes can easily be turned into handrails with little work or cost.


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