Using Bronze to Create Striking Outdoor Sculptures

As an artisan completing projects for outdoor use, you need to be confident that the materials you’re using will stand the test of time and the elements. Bronze is a metal classically used in sculpture and design, but it can be difficult to reliably source a quality product. Ideally, you should find a reputable bronze supplier who offers bronze bars, as these are perfect for smelting into the art you’re planning to create.


For sculptures that will be displayed outdoors, it’s vital that the material should hold up for years, regardless of climate or weather conditions. Bronze is an alloy created with tin and copper, and although these two elements are strong, bronze is harder and more durable than the two on their own. Despite its strength, bronze is easy to smelt and cast into complicated shapes and designs as required.

Bronze is anti-corrosive, so statues will be able to withstand rain, snow and even constant water exposure if used in outdoor water features. If being used in such a feature, ensure the water does not contain chlorine or sulfur so as not to affect the composition of a statue.

Interesting Aesthetics

Bronze looks beautiful, whether it’s new or old. Without treatment, it’s a salmon-colored metal. Over a short period of time, it patinas and color can range from a light green to a deep brown. Rather than leave the color down to chance, statues can be finished before delivery to create a desired patina.

Bronze is both a classic and modern choice for designers looking to create outdoor sculptures that can last a lifetime.


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