Different Uses of Brass Tubing

As its name suggests, brass tubing is a tubular material made out of brass. More than its shape, though, it’s the composition of the material and the consequent characteristics that make it such a high product in demand.

There’s Something about Brass

Brass is typically made out of a composition of zinc and copper, a combination which effectively delivers softness and strength at the same time. Brass is soft insofar as its relatively low melting point is concerned, which makes it possible to form it into different shapes, like a tube, for example. At the same time, though, brass is also known for its strength, which makes it a top choice for just about anything needing a strong metal.

Because of these characteristics, it’s no wonder that brass is quite literally everywhere. From construction work to orchestra concerts, art galleries, and even your very own bathrooms at home.

Brass Tubing Uses

One particular brass type that you will commonly encounter is the brass tubing. It normally comes at 12 inches in length, and in a variety of diameter options, which you can choose based on your customized requirements. Long brass tubing segments are used for handrails, foot rails, and of course, stair railings. It’s also great for plumbing, among many other uses, because it works great for hot water distribution and is corrosion-resistant.


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