Using Brass in Musical Instruments

One of the most common uses of brass is in musical instruments. The fact that brass is very easy to shape and mold is just one of the reasons why it’s ideal, but the real consideration here is its acoustic properties. This is why it’s earned for itself an entire section in the orchestra.

Brassy Tunes

Out of all the kinds of instruments made with it, though, “lip-vibrated instruments” are the usual resulting products. In modern layman’s terms, this is simply the wind products. Examples of this include traditional brass instruments such as the trombone or the trumpet.

Brass sheets, channels, or tube all can be used to make an instrument whole. In that sense, creating brass instruments is cost-efficient because you only need one type of metal to complete it all throughout.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Because these instruments are played using the lips, it’s only appropriate that it is regularly cleaned, not only to maintain its quality but also to ensure good hygiene. The good thing about brass is that while it is versatile in form, it is unquestionably strong and resistant to corrosion and general wear and tear.

Musicians wouldn’t have too hard a time cleaning it, therefore. Washing the tubes with hot water, for example, shouldn’t be a problem because brass handles this well anyway. Polishing it with the right products can also give it that impressive shine, making you not just sound good during your performance, but also look it, too.


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