Home Renovation Ideas Using Bronze Bars

In order to give clients truly unique pieces, sometimes you need to take a fresh angle on the materials you use. Bronze, featuring a corrosion-resistant composition, is an affordable material that allows you to delve into many artistic directions. This is especially true if you use bronze bars.

Trunk Handles

If clients have trunks that they are looking to spice up, you can use bronze bars to form handles on them. This gives them a steampunk type of look in a cost-effective manner. You can order bronze bars that are smaller and put them on the sides of the trunk.

Not only does this enhance the aesthetic value of the piece, but clients actually have an easier time moving the trunk around if they need to. It’s important to make sure the bars are properly secured onto the sides before any lifting is done.

Book Shelves

Give clients an artsy bookshelf to add to their interior by using bronze bars. You can position the bars in a diagonal fashion, creating a striking look for clients. They’ll have the perfect place to set their books. For an elegant look, choose bronze bars that have a hand-polished appearance. The shimmer from the bronze creates a dynamic effect when light hits it throughout the day.

Utensil Holder

A more practical project you can complete for clients is to create a utensil holder in the kitchen with bronze bars. Weld pieces together to create a rectangle shape. After it is secured in the kitchen, clients can hang appliances like pots and pans on it. With bronze bars, you can tap into your creative side as a designer.


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