Taking Home Remodeling a Step Further

Professionals in the home remodeling field enjoy a vast array of material choices to work with. Needless to say, savvy professionals will have encountered copper or brass square metal tubing in their line of work. They will be well aware that new home constructions can benefit from such a material as a portion of their structural support and parts.

In modern home designs, silver and gold are not the only metals that glitter. Polished brass has become a more conventional alternative, not only because it mimics the properties of the more precious metals, but also because it is usually more cost effective.

Due to its timeless beauty and practicality, brass and copper are making a bold statement in today’s new housing and remodeling. Two stunning architectural applications of copper sheeting were featured in some popular national home improvement television series – the wildly famous Extreme Makeover: Home Edition from ABC TV Network and Hometime, one of the longest-running shows on PBS. Both series utilized specified copper sheet metals for their construction and renovation projects.

If you are in the market for brass and copper to use in your client’s home remodeling projects, you’re probably making the right decision. Copper is a great metal to work with and hardly requires any special expertise for success, as long as you are able to acquire the ideal sizes and widths.


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