Copper Sheet Supplier Gives Helpful Tips for Those New to Metal Works

Copper Sheet Supplier Gives Tips on Working with This Type of Metal

Copper is one of the most popular metal types around. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, though, because after all, it is strong, durable, malleable, and corrosion-resistant. It’s every craftsman’s dream material because it’s easier to work with than most other metals. Be that as it may, though, it could still come off as intimidating, understandably, especially from the viewpoint of those who will be handling this material for the first time. Here are some helpful tips on how you can make the most of your copper use.

Getting to Know Copper

First things first—you need to have a clear understanding of what copper is and what it can do. This way, you can set and manage your expectations when you choose it as a material for a particular project. Copper is otherwise known as “the red metal” because it has a red-brown color. One of its most special features is that it is highly conductive for electricity, which is why it’s commonly used for electrical wirings. Read more from this article:


How a Trusted Copper Sheet Supplier can Help Improve Kitchen Designs

How a Trusted Copper Sheet Supplier can Help Complete Your Project

If you’re tasked with a kitchen remodelling project that calls for quiet sophistication and elegance, but also with functionality, there’s one easy way to do this: use copper sheets. The reason why many interior designers turn to this as a viable solution for their design needs is that it meets the brief rather well. It’s shiny and glossy, it can elevate the aesthetic appeal of the room with minimal effort, and most of all, it is both easily accessible and affordable.

Copper Sheets as Countertops

One of the more common uses of copper sheets in the kitchen is on the countertops. It’s ideal because it is strong enough to withstand all the hard activities to be done on it, as long as you get the right gauge. For your information, the lower the number of the gauge, the thicker the sheet is, which means the stronger it gets, too. Read more from this article:

Copper Sheet Supplier: Copper Roofs Can Help Protect Structures from Lightning

Protect Your Property from the Devastating Consequences of Lightning

Copper is highly regarded by craftsmen and artisans for its excellent properties, such as corrosion resistance, electrical or thermal conductivity, and ease of fabrication. One often overlooked trait of this material, however, is its propensity for lightning protection. What many don’t know is that when copper roofing is used in conjunction with lighting protection systems made of copper components in the gutters, rain leaders and wall claddings, it serves as an ideal lightning damage deterrent.

Lightning Damage

It’s a universal fact that lightning is severely dangerous when it strikes, but how much damage does it inflict on structures? According to research compiled by the Insurance Information Institute, the homeowners insurance claims from lightning strikes and electrical surges saw a huge increase in 2016 compared to 2015. A 4.5 percent change in claims now puts the total payout for lightning losses at $825.7 million dollars. Read more from this article:

A Copper Sheet Supplier Can Meet the Demands Modern Kitchen Design Trends

If there is one metal that is simply perfect for kitchen design, it would have to be copper. After all, this metal sports a warm almost rose gold glow that can make any kitchen space inviting and luxurious at the same time. Here are some kitchen design trends you can follow today with the help of you copper sheet supplier.


Copper Tiles

Lining the kitchen walls with copper tiles make for a unique and clever design that can be used throughout the entire space. It gives a bit of color and character to the area while also helping it look more warm and inviting. What’s more, copper tiles can come in a wide array of design patterns. It can be mosaic, penny, hexagon, metro, contemporary metallic and many others. Any of these copper tile design patterns would certainly make any kitchen wall more elegant.


Copper Backsplash

The main purpose of kitchen backsplashes is to protect the wall behind the stove or sink. However, that doesn’t mean that it cannot be made more interesting through the use of copper sheets. When it comes to designing the backsplash with copper, some designers may opt to use stylish copper tiles. On the other hand, there is also nothing wrong with using copper flashing for this feature. It’s easier to put on and is just as impressive.


Copper Countertops

Countertops made with copper are definitely in high demand. Aesthetically, they make any kitchen look both luxurious and inviting. At the same time, copper seems to be the practical option since they are relatively less expensive than other available metal options. In addition, a copper countertop would be able fight off bacteria more effectively because it’s antimicrobial by nature. This also means that it is a much easier countertop material to clean and maintain.

Copper is also known to develop great a patina over time. This is one of the reasons why homeowners simply can’t get enough of them. In fact, when you use unsealed copper, it will gradually transition to blend of matte greens, browns and reds. These colors can certainly make any kitchen look better.


Copper Sinks

Aside from countertops, copper is also being featured prominently as kitchen sinks across homes today. This is most likely supported by the US Environmental Protection Agency which said that antimicrobial copper can continuously kill over 99.9 percent of bacteria that can cause some healthcare-associated infections or HAIs. For this reason alone, opting to put in sinks fashioned from hammered copper is definitely worth it.


Copper Accents

In some cases, copper is not exactly the main feature of the kitchen design. However, it still makes for a pretty bold statement when it is utilized as kitchen accents. It can be kitchen cabinets that are designed with copper handles. There is also an increase in demand for copper colored handles and even copper appliances. Indeed, copper will find its way into the kitchen one way or another.

These kitchen design trends definitely make one thing clear: copper will remain a prominent feature in kitchens across America for a long time. After all, it’s not only stunning, it’s antimicrobial too.


About Rotax Metals:

At Rotax Metals, we are proud to be a leading copper sheet supplier in the country. Just like the brass and bronze sheets that we provide, our copper sheets come in various hardness, thickness, sizes, and strength. This allows us to supply products with just about any specification that you may require.



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Use These Techniques to Transform Copper Sheeting

Copper sheets are popular in many industries because of their beauty and design possibilities. If you plan on using this material for your projects, rest assured you can manipulate it in many different ways to create custom pieces.

Cutting with Snips

Cutting is generally required no matter what you intend to create from copper sheets. Metal-cutting snips therefore come in handy. They must be durable and designed to cut through various types of material. You can facilitate the process by choosing thin sheets.

Cut pieces to fit a project’s required dimensions. Also use snips to create unique shapes. It helps to outline your intended design with a marking device. You can then cut the correct form without wasting material.

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Metal Fabricators Benefit from Copper

Metal fabricators enjoy the opportunity to work with diverse materials on a daily basis. But, if you’re looking for one particular material offering countless advantages, start incorporating copper into your projects.

Unmatched Aesthetic Beauty

It’s hard to match the raw beauty that copper displays. It has a gold-like appearance, which shines gracefully when light hits it at different angles. Since it mimics the look of gold, you can use copper for high-end pieces at a fraction of the cost.

Untreated copper starts to turn green when exposed to the elements, which is perfect if you’re looking for a raw form of beauty that shows a lot of character. Each piece you incorporate into a project conveys its own story.

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Find a Copper Sheet Supplier to Help You Achieve Your Design Goals


Any designer would admit that copper sheets are absolute lifesavers when it comes to elevating the appearance of a room. Even the littlest hint of this shiny metal could already elevate the aesthetic value of an interior from plain and bland to sophisticated and elegant.

If you are new to working with copper and are still trying to figure out where to buy copper sheets, here are some tips that could help you gain a clearer perspective of how it’s going to be like working with this metal. Read more on this article: