Copper & Brass Sales—Why Mold Makers Now Prefer High-Performance Copper Alloys to Steel

Copper & Brass Sales: Top Reasons for Casting Metal with Copper Molds

Have you ever wondered how the different metal parts in your vehicle or in any good-sized machine in your home or workplace were made? With their precise cuts, shapes, and sizes, there’s no way they could have been sculpted by human hands. Even the most skillful metalworkers are incapable of cutting through extremely tough materials like metal with such precision and accuracy. Actually, the process of making these metal pieces is a little bit more complicated than that. Instead of being carved out of raw metal blocks, they are formed through casting.

Casting refers to the process of pouring liquid metal into a mold and allowing it to cool and solidify into a certain shape. The hollow inside the mold is where the magic of casting takes place. Its dimensions have to be exact in order to produce high-quality casts. There are, however, many other factors that can influence the final output. One in particular is the type of metal that the mold is made of. Read more from this article:


Make the Most Out of Copper & Brass Sales by Knowing How to Clean and Maintain These Metals


Copper and brass are two materials that craftsmen and designers love to work with because of their versatility and sturdiness. While the material is impressively strong such that it can build humongous and solid structures, it is also malleable enough to form and shape as needed.

It’s therefore no wonder that copper & brass sales are always in high demand. From renovation projects to interior design refurbishments, to jewelry making and other handicraft projects, the use of these metals remains popular. Here are some tips that can help you better maintain the copper and brass elements to keep your work or design looking good.

Bathroom and Kitchen Fixtures

During renovation projects, delays sometimes occur. For bathroom redesigns, this delay can affect the appearance of the fixture, especially because they are constantly exposed to moisture. If you want to make sure that everything is shining and glittering like new when you unveil your design masterpiece to your client, use a simple homemade mixture of baking soda and white vinegar. Read more on this blog:

Make Chic Home Accessories from Materials at Copper and Brass Sales


When you are looking to design items for the home, you can never go wrong with copper and brass. After all, both metals are timeless and elegant. Not to mention, they go well with any theme or decor going on inside the home.

In recent years, there has been increased interest from designers for copper and brass. In fact, copper and brass sales have gone up steadily in the architecture and design market. Many have come to realize that these metals are useful in making homes stunningly chic. Plus, they are easy to work with. Read more from this blog:


Using Copper & Bronze in Home Design

Copper and bronze are but two of the most commonly used kinds of metal for everyday things. They are common because they are not only easy to use but also very functional. For anyone new to working with these metals, whether in a construction site or in a jewelry design shop, it pays to know the differences between the two and what are the advantages of each. Continue reading