Brass Suppliers Show New Ways to Protect Metals

From large manufacturing industries and military applications to home renovations and intricate craftwork, brass is more than just a popular material. This copper alloy is dependable, cost-effective, and is very resistant to mechanical and chemical stress.

However, brass does have its physical limitations. Extreme and unfavorable conditions may cause minor damage to the metal, which if left untreated, can evolve to irreparable problems in the future.

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Restaurant Design Ideas Fit for Brass Sheet Metal and Brass Extrusions


Interior design at the moment is all about the brass. After all, it glitters. It stands out. It has one of the warmest aesthetics. All of these qualities make brass an ideal metal for decor, especially when it comes to commercial spaces, such as restaurants.

Today, interior designers are gravitating toward the warmer tones of brass instead of the usual rosy-metallic hue. At the same time, brass is a timeless kind of metal. It provides an elegant detail to any space. This is especially true when it comes to a restaurant’s dining room. Read more from this blog:


Brass Sales and the Ammunition Industry

In the ammunition industry, manufacturers constantly monitor brass sales to determine price and supply trends across many parts of the world. While different variants of brass can be used in shells and casings, the most in demand type is cartridge brass. Given the UNS code C26000, this high-strength and versatile alloy is made with 70% copper and 30% zinc.

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Incorporating Brass Tube and Other Metals to Upgrade Bathroom Designs


Homeowners looking to upgrade their properties may not always have the cash to finance an entire renovation in one go. Instead, they will choose a section to prioritize and then improve on the rooms one by one.

Usually, however, it’s either the kitchen or the bathroom that will be upgraded first. This is because these sections of the house have a really big influence on the property’s aesthetic and overall value.

Apart from that, however, they also do tend to be the most expensive. Designers are often left with the challenge of meeting the requirement of the client to give them a well-designed bathroom, for example, but with very limited funds. One way to address this is to pick your materials well. Read more on this article:

Effective Methods For Cleaning Your Brass Sheet Metal Decor Pieces


With brass being one of the trendiest materials used for interior design, it wouldn’t be surprising if you have more than just a couple of items that have brass elements in them. They’re a great choice as an interior design element because its natural shine and appearance can easily elevate the ambiance of a room from plain to elegant.

Part and parcel of having brass decorative items or fixtures, however, is the task of cleaning it to maintain its shine. Otherwise, it will develop a dull patina over time. There are others, however, who prefer this because it supposedly adds texture. Nonetheless, here are some effective cleaning tips that you can apply for pieces made of brass sheet metal. Read more on this article:

How to Efficiently Work with Bronze Bars and Other Brass Materials


Jewelry makers absolutely love working with bronze, and not only for its versatility and flexibility as a metal, but for its aesthetically pleasing look as well. Combined with the right techniques and designs, bronze is a jewelry maker’s dream.

If you’re just about to foray into this venture, do yourself a favor by knowing how to best handle the material so you can reap the most benefit from it.

Bronze Basics

Bronze is largely considered to be a great substitute for gold, particularly the 10 or 14 carat type, and mostly because of its similarity in tones. An alloy composed of copper and tin, bronze is very easy to shape and mold, given proper exposure to the right temperature or force. Read more on this article:

Brass Channel Benefits in Interior Design

The interior design industry is constantly changing. Materials that were once used strictly for industrial purposes are now showing up inside homes. Such is the case with brass channel. It’s a popular choice among interior designers and architects for many reasons.

Structural Shape

Most metals need quite a bit of customization to be used in a project. That’s not the case with brass channel. It naturally has a rectangular shape, making it great for many interior pieces that need a unique border for added structure.

You could, for example, wrap brass channel around wooden trunks or secure it under the base of chairs. Not only are these pieces protected, but they look distinct and more valuable. Brass channel’s rectangular shape also works well for mini shelves, used to display perhaps small figurines or knick-knacks that are special to clients.

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