Cleaning Tips to Make All Your Brass & Copper Sales Purchases Last Longer


Whether they are for an art collection or for structural application, copper alloys such as bronze and brass are an excellent choice of material. Their elegant sheen that exude a nostalgic vibe sets them far apart from other materials. Unfortunately, this sheen doesn’t last long, as brass and copper tend to tarnish when exposed to oxygen and other common substances. The corrosion, which naturally happens over time, can turn even the most beautiful pieces into an eyesore.

Collectors and homeowners who want to keep their brass & copper sales collection in the best shape should follow these cleaning and maintenance tips:

Tip 1: Check If It Is Solid or Just a Plate

 Before cleaning a brass or copper piece, check if it is solid or simply a plate. This is crucial, as too much cleaning will eventually wear out a plate’s coating, leaving you with an ugly plain surface. Try using a magnet to confirm which pieces need minimal cleaning and polishing and which ones can take on more pressure. If the magnet sticks, it is a plate. If it does not, it is solid metal.

Tip 2: Make Your Own Tarnish Remover

 If you can’t find the right tarnish remover at your local store, consider making one yourself. The procedure is easy and the ingredients are accessible. In fact, you might find all of the ingredients at your home. Specifically, you only need baking soda, white vinegar, and a clean cloth. Mix the baking soda with the vinegar to create a paste. Rub the paste on the tarnished area and let it sit for 30 minutes. Then, rinse and buff with a clean, dry cloth and watch as it sparkles back to life.

Tip 3: Avoid Scratches

 During the cleaning process, it can be tempting to scrub down the pipes harder to get rid of the stains. If you’re not careful, you might accidentally scratch the surface. To avoid damaging your copper or brass items, scrub only with a soft cloth and not too hard. Don’t use a scrubbing pad or a hard toothbrush.

Tip 4: Buy Brass and Copper Polish

 DIY polish and tarnish removers work well and are the cheapest options available. However, some people would prefer commercial products to homemade ones, and for good reasons. Besides avoiding the hard work of preparing the mixture, commercial tarnish removers work so much better. Choose products that experts recommend for guaranteed quality. They may cost a little bit more but the results will surely be worth it.

DIY polish and tarnish removers are usually preferred over store-bought because they are food-safe, fast-acting, cheaper, and environmentally-friendly. This goes in line with Rotax Metals’ beliefs of providing only the best and hard-to-find brass and copper pieces for those in need of eco-friendliest solutions. Since the company focuses on sustainability and caring for the environment, it only makes sense to care for their pieces in this manner.



Copper and Brass Tarnish Remover

How To Make Copper and Brass Cleaner


Bronze Bars and Other Metals Play an Important Role in Architecture

Some Examples of Using Bronze Bars and Other Metals in Architecture

The business of building things is no simple matter. Lives and livelihood are all literally depending on these structures to be strong, ergonomic, and safe. This is why it is absolutely crucial that those working in related industries, such as construction and architecture, pay very close attention to the kinds of material they use for their work.

There are different kinds of material that can be used for this purpose, including wood. In terms of modern buildings, however, metal now reigns supreme as a foundational material.

The Preference for Metal

Builders and designers look to metals because of their strength and durability. Additionally, most metals are ductile and malleable, able to take on various shapes and sizes. They can be made into tubes and sheets, for example, and even bronze bars, to take on specific uses in various applications. Read more from this article:

Using Bronze Sheets and Other Metals for Interior Design Upgrades

Bronze Sheets, Tubes, Bars, and Other Interior Design Trends for 2018

No matter the season, it’s always exciting to upgrade a home interior. Some homeowners do this because they want a breath of fresh air or perhaps a new design perspective. Others just need to adjust to the changes in the size and dynamics of the occupants of the house.
Whatever the reason may be, what’s consistent is the concern for the expense that will inevitably come along with the improvements. Then again, these may be considered as necessary, but more importantly worth it, especially once the project is completed and the final product is revealed. Fortunately, there are ways to meet your client’s requirements without having to burn holes in their pockets. There are plenty of cost-efficient materials around, such as bronze and other metals, that can already make a huge impact even with very little effort. Here are some ways you can pull it off.

Lights and Fixtures

The simplest way to incorporate bronze elements in your design is to use items such as lights and fixtures that are made of this material. The effect is going to be subtle but unmistakable, especially if you use it as a consistent theme throughout the space. Each bronze metal piece will then be tied up into a cohesive whole, laying out a distinctly rustic appeal to the interior. Read more from this article:

Various Roles of Square Metal Tubing and Other Metals in Construction

Some of the Important Uses of Square Metal Tubing in Construction Work

Since the industrial revolution, metal has risen to high demand and use in various industries. From shipping to mechanical engineering, and even arts and crafts, there is no denying the value of this material due to of its many impressive properties.

In the construction industry, more specifically, it is almost impossible to imagine modern works without the use of metal. Square metal tubing, round metal tubing, sheets, and more do become an integral component in the structure being built. What is it about metal that makes it so indispensable, though, and what other uses can be expected for it?

Metal Properties

The main thing that makes metal so attractive is the fact it is both strong and malleable at the same time. It’s strong in its solid form, has high tensile strength, and is extremely dense, too. On the other hand, it is very malleable with high melting and boiling points. Under intense heat, metal can be melted, casted, hammered, or even pressed into thin sheets. Another huge come-on for metal is that it proves to be very good conductor of heat and electricity. Read more from this article:

Copper Sheet Supplier Gives Helpful Tips for Those New to Metal Works

Copper Sheet Supplier Gives Tips on Working with This Type of Metal

Copper is one of the most popular metal types around. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, though, because after all, it is strong, durable, malleable, and corrosion-resistant. It’s every craftsman’s dream material because it’s easier to work with than most other metals. Be that as it may, though, it could still come off as intimidating, understandably, especially from the viewpoint of those who will be handling this material for the first time. Here are some helpful tips on how you can make the most of your copper use.

Getting to Know Copper

First things first—you need to have a clear understanding of what copper is and what it can do. This way, you can set and manage your expectations when you choose it as a material for a particular project. Copper is otherwise known as “the red metal” because it has a red-brown color. One of its most special features is that it is highly conductive for electricity, which is why it’s commonly used for electrical wirings. Read more from this article:

Brass Suppliers: Quick Tips for Buying and Crafting with Brass Sheets

Top Brass Suppliers Offer a Huge Selection of Quality Brass Materials

Thanks to beautiful art pieces around the world and shows like Forged in Fire, working with metal has been rising in popularity among artists and hobbyists alike as of late. Whether you are setting out to create the next great sculpture in town or looking to craft a realistic prop for your next Comic Con cosplay, working with brass sheets from trusted brass suppliers like Rotax Metals may be the way to go.

If this is the first time you’ll be working with brass, the entire process may feel intimidating. Unlike working with plaster or other common materials, brass and other metals are a little more difficult to work with for the first-timer. However, knowing what to look out for and how to go about shaping brass to your needs can help you succeed. With that in mind, here are a few tips to help you out:

Know What You’re Buying

First of all, you’ll need to get your hands on some quality brass sheets. While browsing the selection of sheets offered by brass suppliers, pay close attention to the gauge indicated. This number will indicate just how thick or thin a particular sheet is, with higher numbers indicating thinner sheets. If you would like to have a high polish finish, try to find sheets with protective film that can be left on until the last moment. If you are unsure about the capabilities of a particular gauge of brass sheet, do not hesitate to ask brass suppliers for advice as they are always happy to help. Read more rom this article:

Start Your Budding Career as a Crafts Maker with the Help of Sheet Metal Suppliers

Find Sheet Metal Suppliers to Get Started on Your Own Crafts Project

Are you looking for something creative to do that will not only give you additional skill set, but also even possibly give you a chance to earn a lucrative entrepreneurial endeavor? If you have a natural inclination for crafts work, you might want to consider using metal as your main medium.

There are many possible ways you can maximize the utility of metal in order to economize it for your benefit. As long as you have creative vision and deft hands, you might even become the next best thing in the arts and crafts world. Before all that, however, it’s important that you get to know the basics of diving into this kind of work.

Kinds of Metal

Accomplishing your design vision will primarily depend on the material that you will use. Especially when it comes to metal crafts, it’s crucial that you are familiar with their many different kinds because they don’t all work the same way. Read more rom this article: