Increase Business by Following Brass Sales Trend

If your business designs bathroom fittings, you are surely aware that simple chrome fixtures no longer satisfy the average customer. Designers are behooved to produce more luxurious and attractive products for those homeowners wishing to convey a specific aura or presence in the bathroom.

If you are not including brass bathroom fixtures in your inventory, consider doing so, as brass sales are on the rise in the homebuilding and remodeling industry.

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Bring Charm to Any Living Space with Bronze

According to Vogue Magazine’s style experts, bronze is among the hottest design trends you should keep an eye out for this year. When it comes to making your home more savvy and more inviting, this copper alloy will truly create an inspiring difference.

Kitchen Features

 Modern kitchens no longer have to be adorned with the cold allure of chrome and stainless steel. You will likely find oil-brushed bronze faucets, sinks, and curtain rods in most newly-renovated kitchens. Not only does the rich and deep brown hues bring warmth, but you also enjoy the benefits of a tough and rust-proof metal.


 Aside from the rose-gold sheen that copper and brass exude, bronze light fixtures are now becoming a huge hit. They bring in a mix of the classic turn-of-the-century styles with the modern and contemporary looks that homeowners look for. Even bronze pipes can be refurbished, polished, and fitted with LED bulbs for an industrial feel.

Accent Pieces

 You don’t have to make major renovations to add a touch of bronze to any room. Even minor accents on furniture can make a huge impact. A good idea is to combine this attractive alloy with natural materials like marble and wood. Try placing bronze pots, figurines, or candlesticks on your countertops, shelves, or coffee tables.

So if you want to brighten up your living spaces with the warmth of this alloy, then reach out to a trusted metal supplier today. They are sure to have on hand the correct diameter and length of bronze tube or even the exact gauge of bronze sheets that you need. Consult with them and find more design inspirations for your home.

Up Close and Personal with Architectural Bronze

Recognized among metal workers by its alloy code of C385, architectural bronze has truly made a name for itself in terms of versatility and reliability. It is made of approximately 57% copper, 40% zinc, and about 3% lead.

Excellent Physical Properties

 Fabricators and sculptors adore this alloy because of its high machinability rating. When it is worked at high temperatures, such as with projects that require forging and pressing, it is elastic enough to be shaped into any form as one pleases. This is why artists can bend and shape this bronze into flowers, leaves, vines, and more. Aside from that, C385 is resistant to the effects of industrial and marine atmospheres. It will not corrode easily when it comes in contact with weak acids, thus making it ideal for outdoor decorations.

What Should Be Avoided

 Though it is a very resilient copper alloy, architectural bronze still exhibits physical limitations. For instance, if this metal is to be used on outdoor structures like monuments, gates, posts, and the like, care should be taken against exposure to acid rain and bird droppings. For indoor installations of bronze, such as stair rails, door knobs, and similar, avoid using ammonia-containing products when cleaning them.

Should you need more data about the strengths and limitations of bronze bars, sheets, tubing, or other forms of brass, don’t hesitate to reach out to experts. These metal suppliers possess years of experience in providing their clients the right types of alloys that best fit their needs. Whatever size or gauge you require, they will most certainly have it in stock.


The Art of Engraving Brass is Nuanced by the Type of Brass Tubing


Engraving–the art of incising a design on a hard, flat surface–is a historically important process that has withstood the test of time. While the techniques have been slightly modernized to accommodate new technologies, its artistic contribution to society, in general, remains prolific.

The Basics

Brass is just one of the many commonly used bases for engraving. The technique for engraving brass is not that much different from engraving other types of metal, such as steel or copper. Read more from this blog:

What You Need to Know about Naval Brass Before Putting It to Work


Brass is one of the more popular metal alloys on the market today, as evidenced by the high number of brass sales over the years. Stripping it down to its most basic chemistry, brass consists of copper and zinc, both of which exist in a variety of ratios in relation to each other.

There are more than 60 known types of brass which can all be used in a wide range of applications. However, its very chemistry makes it susceptible to dezincification corrosion. Read more from this blog:

Sheet Metal Suppliers Can Do Home Renovation Justice via Metal Tubing


Home renovations are important to reinvigorate the atmosphere of your home as well as keeping its property value high. One of the lasting trends in renovations is using metal sheets and tubing, which can lend either a rustic look or a modern vibe.

Metals are popular in interior design because they are easy to mold and clean, plus they can endure with proper maintenance. Here’s what you need to know about metal tubing ideas for interior design and how to find sheet metal suppliers. Read more from this blog:

Lasting Metals Made for Jewelry Can be Found at Copper and Brass Sales


Brass and copper jewelry tend to be overlooked because gold and silver are more popular metals. However, if you look at brass and coper closely, they possess exquisite colors– reddish-brown in the case of copper and gold in the case of brass. Currently, some jewelers are finding brass and copper more attractive than the standard gold and silver. They must find good deals, however, because both copper and brass are not inexpensive.

If you are jeweler, you owe yourself a closer look at brass and copper as well as the places to find copper and brass sales. Read more from this blog: