How Contractors can Use Square Metal Tubing

Being a contractor means being resourceful with the materials you use. In terms of home renovation, you can benefit greatly from square metal tubing. It can be used to create many custom pieces for clients.

Stair Railings

Square metal tubing is actually quite strong. Its durability helps when constructing a square metal tube railing system that borders stairs. The square shape gives the railing a smooth surface and it comes in many different sizes that you can have pre-cut. So when the materials arrive, you’re ready to secure them along the stairs as quickly as possible.

For a unique shine and added durability, consider using steel metal tubes. They provide a modern aesthetic and won’t give in when people press against them as they walk.

Bathroom Towel Racks

You can give clients a distinct bathroom by securing square metal towel racks in them. Combine multiple square tubes together that hold many towels at a time. They don’t have to be very thick, since towels don’t weigh a lot.

The bathroom is a naturally wet environment, but square metal towel racks made from brass won’t rust. That’s because brass is naturally rust-resistant, designed to maintain its luster for a long time. Brass can also resist extreme temperatures, so taking a hot shower or bath pose no problems.

If you’ve decided to work with square metal tubing, make sure your materials are high-quality. Order from reliable suppliers and they may even give you advice on the most suitable materials for your project.



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