Architectural Designers Using Naval Brass

If you’re an architectural designer, you’re often exposed to some unique materials. Naval brass, in particular, is showing up more in this industry and for good reason. It has a striking look and works well when used in the following ways.

Wall Cladding

For clients looking for a retro look or a premium aesthetic, you can use naval brass as wall cladding. The glow coming from this material instantly lights up rooms and brings warmth to specified areas. The material’s aesthetic can vibe with other pieces in the room or contrast with them, such as a green sofa or recliner.

Since naval brass is going on the walls, it helps to use thinner pieces. They’ll be easier to fasten and keep on walls for a long time. Or, smaller pieces can be used to create interesting patterns, giving you the chance to save some money on material costs.

Kitchen Accents

The kitchen is a top priority for many of your clients, so give them something unique with naval brass kitchen accents. They provide a unique luster when the lights are turned on.

Additionally, naval brass works well in the kitchen, an area that tends to get wet when people clean or prep meals. You can put kitchen accents on the cabinets and even faucets near the sink.

Naval brass gives you many avenues as an architectural designer. Its high-end look and durability serves you well for many custom projects that your clients will enjoy for years to come.



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