Use These Techniques to Transform Copper Sheeting

Copper sheets are popular in many industries because of their beauty and design possibilities. If you plan on using this material for your projects, rest assured you can manipulate it in many different ways to create custom pieces.

Cutting with Snips

Cutting is generally required no matter what you intend to create from copper sheets. Metal-cutting snips therefore come in handy. They must be durable and designed to cut through various types of material. You can facilitate the process by choosing thin sheets.

Cut pieces to fit a project’s required dimensions. Also use snips to create unique shapes. It helps to outline your intended design with a marking device. You can then cut the correct form without wasting material.

Pounding with Hammers

If you’re looking to create dynamic patterns on these sheets, pound the surface. A hammer serves you well for this customization. You can use short, controlled swings to create an intricate pattern or large broad swings for immense craters.

Hammering does not necessitate a preset pattern. As you hit the surface, see what lines are subsequently created and adjust according to what type of look or feel you’re trying to achieve. It may take some practice swings before you’ve mastered a pattern that looks unique or achieves your objective.

As for customizing copper sheets, the design options are limitless. You’ll have plenty of materials to work with if you find the right copper sheet supplier. Order in bulk so you can practice working with this material before completing your masterpiece.



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