Bronze Bars Lend an Industrial Look to Your Home

Interior design trends are constantly evolving, showcasing one savvy motif after another. When it comes to modern home styling, nothing beats the timeless allure of properly-matched and expertly-crafted metal fixtures. If you’re after a bold but conservative look for your abode, go for the charm and dark hues that only bronze can bring.

From Shiny to Brushed

In 2016, many interior designers went for the shimmery glint of gold and brass. Even stainless steel made a mark in minimalist and futuristic elements. For 2017, however, experts say that the industrial look is still in, but with less metallic sparkle of brass, and more of the warmth of bronze. This deep-colored copper alloy can be found adorning tables, chairs, candle holders, and even door knobs and bronze bars as rails.

Water-Saving and More

You can bring more of that rustic and modern edge to your bathroom with a wide range of bronze water fixtures available. Gone were the days when chrome was the staple, as you can see the brushed and aged look of bronze on faucets, knobs, and showerheads. Many new designs incorporate water-saving features to help homes maximize their water budgets, too. Plus, the alloy has been the metal of choice in other water fixtures like pipes because of its versatility and resistance to water damage, rust, and corrosion.

Indeed, bronze can breathe new life and character in any space in your home. Find your own inspiration, and discover other ways to make this alloy an eye-catching and functional highlight.



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