Brass Suppliers Show New Ways to Protect Metals

From large manufacturing industries and military applications to home renovations and intricate craftwork, brass is more than just a popular material. This copper alloy is dependable, cost-effective, and is very resistant to mechanical and chemical stress.

However, brass does have its physical limitations. Extreme and unfavorable conditions may cause minor damage to the metal, which if left untreated, can evolve to irreparable problems in the future.


Damage to Brass

Though brass is well-known for its high machinability and its cold and hot working characteristics, the alloy still has its weaknesses. Exposure to strong acids and strong bases like ammonia can cause dezincification and stress corrosion cracking. For craftsmen, such damage can be reduced by coating the surface of the brass with oil or similar compounds.


Importance of Green Inhibitors

Recent developments in the metallurgical industry has introduced contractors and fabricators to the wonders of bio inhibitors or green inhibitors that aim to protect metal surfaces. These compounds can greatly prevent corrosion and rust, keeping metals solid and sturdy, without the harmful residue of toxic chemicals. Green inhibitors are derived from plant extracts, like garlic oil or tree saps, and these biodegradable solutions have been proven to keep brass and similar alloys intact even under acidic environments.

You can talk to your trusted brass suppliers to learn more about anti-corrosive substances, and how you can protect your copper, brass, and bronze and make them last longer. With their help, you can surely complete your projects without a hitch.



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