How You Can Create Memorable Giveaways By Engraving Brass For Clients


If you think about it, giveaways would look so much better if they were a little sparkly. After all, you want to create something that’s memorable, something with meaning that people won’t just give away. When you need to come up with interesting gifts, it’s best to turn to brass.

With the help of brass sheets, brass tubes and other brass profiles, you can create spectacular and unique giveaways, whether they are for a corporate or social event. Ideally, you want something that’s different from other giveaways visitors may have already received in the past. That’s exactly where engraving brass comes in. Read more from this blog:


How Contractors can Use Square Metal Tubing

Being a contractor means being resourceful with the materials you use. In terms of home renovation, you can benefit greatly from square metal tubing. It can be used to create many custom pieces for clients.

Stair Railings

Square metal tubing is actually quite strong. Its durability helps when constructing a square metal tube railing system that borders stairs. The square shape gives the railing a smooth surface and it comes in many different sizes that you can have pre-cut. So when the materials arrive, you’re ready to secure them along the stairs as quickly as possible.

For a unique shine and added durability, consider using steel metal tubes. They provide a modern aesthetic and won’t give in when people press against them as they walk.

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Architectural Designers Using Naval Brass

If you’re an architectural designer, you’re often exposed to some unique materials. Naval brass, in particular, is showing up more in this industry and for good reason. It has a striking look and works well when used in the following ways.

Wall Cladding

For clients looking for a retro look or a premium aesthetic, you can use naval brass as wall cladding. The glow coming from this material instantly lights up rooms and brings warmth to specified areas. The material’s aesthetic can vibe with other pieces in the room or contrast with them, such as a green sofa or recliner.

Since naval brass is going on the walls, it helps to use thinner pieces. They’ll be easier to fasten and keep on walls for a long time. Or, smaller pieces can be used to create interesting patterns, giving you the chance to save some money on material costs.

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Use These Techniques to Transform Copper Sheeting

Copper sheets are popular in many industries because of their beauty and design possibilities. If you plan on using this material for your projects, rest assured you can manipulate it in many different ways to create custom pieces.

Cutting with Snips

Cutting is generally required no matter what you intend to create from copper sheets. Metal-cutting snips therefore come in handy. They must be durable and designed to cut through various types of material. You can facilitate the process by choosing thin sheets.

Cut pieces to fit a project’s required dimensions. Also use snips to create unique shapes. It helps to outline your intended design with a marking device. You can then cut the correct form without wasting material.

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Make Chic Home Accessories from Materials at Copper and Brass Sales


When you are looking to design items for the home, you can never go wrong with copper and brass. After all, both metals are timeless and elegant. Not to mention, they go well with any theme or decor going on inside the home.

In recent years, there has been increased interest from designers for copper and brass. In fact, copper and brass sales have gone up steadily in the architecture and design market. Many have come to realize that these metals are useful in making homes stunningly chic. Plus, they are easy to work with. Read more from this blog:


How the Bronze Tube Has Become the Alloy of Choice

For millennia, man has recognized the importance of bronze for survival. Throughout the centuries, this copper alloy has cemented its place in industries, forming part of the foundation of modern civilization. Available in various forms like sheets, rods, extrusions, and the ever-reliable bronze tube, this material also lends its beauty to many home design projects.

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Bronze Bars Lend an Industrial Look to Your Home

Interior design trends are constantly evolving, showcasing one savvy motif after another. When it comes to modern home styling, nothing beats the timeless allure of properly-matched and expertly-crafted metal fixtures. If you’re after a bold but conservative look for your abode, go for the charm and dark hues that only bronze can bring.

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