Changing the Way Bronze is Used in Mirrors

If you produce mirrors, you may find it difficult to come up with new inspirations for design. If that’s the case, it may be time to look back in history and understand how mirrors used to be created, and put these influences into products that your customers will love.

Bronze has a long history of being used in mirrors, so how can you adapt this into a modern design?

Historical Uses

As far back as 300 AD, bronze was being used as the material for the reflective surface of mirrors. The technology to create smooth glass mirrors had not yet been developed, so East Asian cultures began shining bronze to be reflective.

Typically, one side of the bronze mirror would not be decorated, and simply shined until a reflection could be seen. The other side was adorned with designs influenced by local culture.

Such a mirror would be much desired, and the durability of bronze would have made it an excellent material for long lasting mirrors.

Modern Uses

Now the technology for creating glass mirrors exists, it’s unlikely your customers will purchase a bronze mirror. However, you can easily show historical influences by creating frames and accents from bronze.

To keep things simple, a bronze tube could be cut to slide over the edges of a mirror. If you’d like more complex designs, you could speak to a supplier about creating extrusions, hand shaping or even melting bronze down into different designs.

However you’d like to use bronze in your modern mirror designs, contact a reputable supplier to help you source the ideal material for your needs.



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