A Profile on Bronze Alloys for Businesses

Although bronze itself is an alloy of copper and tin, there are many bronze alloys whose properties change as other metals are added to it. If your business uses bronze in its products, check this guide to confirm you’re using the ideal bronze for every project.

Leaded Tin Bronzes

Bronze with a small percentage of lead is widely used within industry. Typically, it’s used as bearings, railroad components, and in structural castings. This is because leaded tin bronze has antifriction properties and a durable nature. Plus, if you need tightness and machinability, this alloy is a good choice for your business.

Manganese Bronzes

Manganese bronze is the strongest cast bronze available due to the manganese added to the alloy. Try using manganese bronze to produce heavy duty industrial and mechanical products such as gears, marine fittings and valve stems.

Aluminum Bronzes

Another of the extra strong bronze alloys is aluminum bronze. It usually contains between 3% and 12% aluminum, and are favored by businesses looking for extremely anti-corrosive and oxidation resistant metals. Aluminum bronze is often used in marine propellers, tank gun recoil mechanisms and propeller hubs, among others.

Whichever alloy you plan to use for your products, always consider which form you need to buy it in. Particularly if you plan to cast the bronze in molds, bronze bars are an excellent option. If you’re searching for a specific bronze alloy to use in your business, contact a reputable supplier for help sourcing the right materials.



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