How Businesses Can Develop Brass Door Handles

Whether you renovate kitchens and interior doors or build furniture, you’ll need to have a selection of door handles available for customers to choose from. Your clients will always be looking for interesting, practical and beautiful handles for their home, so don’t disappoint them by only offering a limited selection. In fact, more customers are now looking for custom door handles, as they may have a specific home design in mind that a regular handle doesn’t suit.

If you’ve not yet considered creating custom brass door handles, now is the time to do so.

Aesthetic Properties

Brass alloys come in a wide range of colors, including silver, gold, red and brown. This means most clients will be able to find a color that suits their home decor. Brasses are usually shiny, which suits a modern or classic aesthetic within a home, but they can be finished with a more matte look, or be given a patina to make them look older and more worn.

Sit with your clients to discuss the exact look they’d like their door handles to have, as they’ll likely have a specific criteria that you’ll need to fulfill.

Practical Properties

Brass is malleable, which means you’ll be able to cast, mold and shape it without an issue. Despite this, the metal is also very strong, so your clients won’t be able to easily damage their door handles once they’re installed.

Brass is anti-corrosive, and although the handles are unlikely to be regularly exposed to water, the sweat and damp hands that may frequently touch them won’t damage the structure of the material.

Your clients will appreciate that their custom brass door handles will last a very long time within the home. If you’d like to begin developing brass door handles and need trusted brass suppliers to help you, contact a reputable company to begin sourcing the correct materials.



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