Increase Business by Following Brass Sales Trend

If your business designs bathroom fittings, you are surely aware that simple chrome fixtures no longer satisfy the average customer. Designers are behooved to produce more luxurious and attractive products for those homeowners wishing to convey a specific aura or presence in the bathroom.

If you are not including brass bathroom fixtures in your inventory, consider doing so, as brass sales are on the rise in the homebuilding and remodeling industry.

Which Features Should be Created with Brass?

Most obviously, brass works marvelously for bathroom plumbing. Its non-corrosive properties allow water to continuously flow through the pipes and taps without damaging their integrity. Brass comes in many colors, including silver and deep brown, allowing clients a varied choice when it comes to selecting their fixtures and fittings.

For the client who likes to tie everything together, or the one that likes brass but doesn’t want to commit to a full suite, consider introducing a range of brass handles and bathroom accessories. Otherwise, basic vanities, mirrors and shelving units can also be brightened up with the addition of brass trimmings.

Those who are looking for a particularly unique bathroom may also wish to have brass sinks, showers and more.

Why is Brass a Valid Material Option?

Every client will want their bathroom fixtures to last as long as possible. Enter brass, a very durable and strong material. Unlike porcelain or ceramic, it isn’t susceptible to damage, and handles won’t wear away like wooden ones do. Though brass fixtures may patina to an attractive color over time, they do not corrode or rust like other metals do.

If your bathroom supply business wishes to learn more about expanding your range of products, contact a brass supplier to discuss which type of brass suits your needs and the market the best.



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