Why Brass Guttering is the Next Step Forward

Whatever materials your guttering company currently uses to manufacture rainwater systems, it’s time to consider the advantages and sensibility of adding brass guttering to your product line. This material may not currently be the most popular metal guttering choice, but an increasing number of companies are starting to offer this option to customers.

Popular Guttering Choices

The old PVC guttering systems are becoming less desirable. Though they’re cheap, they often look tacky on the side of otherwise elegant homes. While zinc and copper are individually popular metal guttering choices, combining the two in an alloy is only a recent idea.

Brass, on the other hand, is stronger and more durable than copper, while still being light. Furthermore, its anti-corrosive and antimicrobial properties prevent attrition from the elements and unwanted bacteria.

Designing an Attractive Brass Guttering System

Brass gutters can be designed in different ways to appeal to individual customers. For a very simple look, a traditional brass channel can be soldered to fit the structure of a home. In creating more intricate designs, you can ask your supplier to help you create extrusions and cast molds.

Because of its malleability, brass is easy to bend around corners and piece together. Your customers will appreciate the wide variety of color options available to them—from light silver to deep brown—and can select a system which conforms to the aesthetic of their home.

If you’d like to begin creating brass guttering systems for clients, contact a reliable brass supplier for help in sourcing the right materials for your needs.



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