Understanding Metal Use in the Clock Making

If your business is considering branching out into clock and watchmaking, or even if you’re already an established part of the industry, it’s always good to learn more about the craft. Within your timepieces are metals used in a variety of mechanical and aesthetic ways.

Common Metal Components in Clocks and Watches

 Most parts of watches and clocks made of metal include the hands, bezel, dials, movement, and pendulums. Together, such metal pieces act like an engine for a clock or watch, and keep the timepiece ticking correctly as well as powering other functions, such as date changes or cuckoo mechanisms.

Brass is commonly used in watch and clockmaking as it’s not magnetic, but you could also use metals in a silver color. You could choose to keep a uniform look with components that are all one color, or mix metals for an interesting design.

To create components, ask your supplier to source adequate sheets, bars and circular or square metal tubing for each project.

Let Your Creativity Shine

 Once you understand what components are required for a clock or watch, you can begin to be creative with your designs. A pendulum doesn’t need to look traditional – a more geometric design can be achieved with square tubing, or pieces can be engraved with patterns and stamps.

If you’re in any doubt about the materials you need for a successful clock or watch project, always ask your supplier for advice. They’ll understand the qualities of each material and can match you with suitable metal thicknesses, shapes and colors, depending on what you need.


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