Copper: The Undeniably Vital Base Metal

In the United States, the top copper-producing states are Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Nevada. According to the US Geological Survey (USGS), there is an estimated 1.6 billion metric tons of copper that is still found within the earth. These may be located within volcanic deposits or within layers of sediments in the ground.

Names and Designations

Under the unified numbering system (UNS) for metals, copper may be available as C10100 or C11000, both of which are estimated to be 99.99% pure. C10100, or Alloy 101 may be referred to in the industry as OFE or oxygen-free electrolytic copper. On the other hand, Alloy 110 is alternatively termed as ETP or electrolytic tough pitch copper. These names indicate the refining process that the copper has gone through.

Uses and Applications

Copper is a metal with high thermal and electrical conductivity, and it is also known to be extremely ductile and malleable. This metal is widely used in electronics, communications equipment, as well as hardware for plumbing, cooling, and heating systems. In recent studies, copper has exhibited excellent antimicrobial properties. This is why copper and its alloys are alternative metals for door knobs, food preparation surfaces, and other medical facilities. Fine copper strands are even woven into fabrics for antimicrobial undergarments and the like.

If you’re searching for high-grade copper for your projects, look no further than your trusted copper sheet supplier. They not only have stocks of various gauges of copper sheets, but they also have tubes, rods, extrusions, and more on stock. Let them know the size and quantity you need, and they’ll be sure to meet those requirements.


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