Get to Know the Role of Brass in Sports Equipment

Brass, a highly in-demand copper alloy, is already widely recognized for its function in the construction, machining, and fabrication industries. But, did you know that this metal also serves a vital role in many different types of sports equipment? Beyond being the main decorative element on trophies and plaques, brass can do so much more, such as helping athletes gain a winning edge.


 In the hammer-throw event, the heavy metal ball you see hurled around is actually made of brass, for both men’s and women’s events. Also in track and field events, brass serves as a key component for the hurdles. Pivots and fasteners made from this metal help officials and trainers adjust the height of each hurdle, making it appropriate for the competitor’s skill level.

Tennis and Volleyball

 A crucial component of these two sports is the net. In tennis, winding mechanisms to adjust the nets are made of brass. This allows for the easy setting of its height and tautness. In volleyball, the net poles are planted and secured via two holes in the court, and these holes are lined with brass-plated covers. When the poles are not in use, the brass cover plate is covered and closed with a brass sleeve.

These are only a few of the lesser-known applications of brass in the realm of athletics and organized sports. If you would like to know more about the metal’s other uses, you can talk to your trusted brass suppliers. They will give you expert insights about the versatility of brass and other metals. They can definitely hook you up with the correct material specs for your particular endeavor.


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