Useful Brass Channel Qualities for Lamp Designers

Designing lamps for a living gives you so many directions to venture into as far as design goes. You can enrich your creative options even more when you use brass channel, a unique material that offers many benefits for lamp customization.

Stable Square Profile

 The most important attribute of brass channel by far is its square-like shape. This design make brass channel perfect for creating stable bases for lamps. You can make the base as tall or as short as you want, depending on how large the lamp is and how much it weighs so long as it does not become top-heavy.

 Stand-Out Luster

 When you think of lamps, you think of their shine and their ability to bring in a warm mood to any area they’re installed in. Brass channel lets you further highlight this shine because brass is a material with a unique glimmer, almost replicating the look of gold. You therefore get a striking, high-end look without having to spend a fortune. The light hits brass at different angles to create a dramatic effect.


Sometimes you want to design lamps that are distinct and show off unique shapes. Brass channel lets you do just that, especially when you order pieces that are thin. Its malleability lets you form channels that go in different directions to create unique centerpieces for homes.

If you’re looking to get more creative when designing lamps for customers, consider using brass channel. This material not only looks premium, but its versatile applications give you many options as a designer.



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