Electrical Products and Beyond: The Role of Brass

As an alloy of copper, brass also possesses the same advantageous properties that make it perfect for circuit work and more. Very malleable, highly ductile, and with excellent conductivity, the alloy is also used in components of clocks, gears, machine parts, and the like. According to consumer studies by the United States Geological Survey (USGS), around one-fourth of the all the copper alloys used in the country belong to the electronics and electrical industries.

Recycling Metal

Though the world’s copper reserves within the earth amount to nearly 690 million tons, sustainable usage of the metal means taking only what is needed from these deposits. For this reason, copper and brass suppliers and others in the metal industry are enjoined to collect their scrap metal and recycle them to make new parts like tubes, sheets, channels, extrusions, and more. According to sources, nearly one-third of the copper and copper alloys being used today are actually from recycled scraps.

Brass and Its Future Potential

In line with being ecologically responsible, researchers have found other ways to make use of junk yard scrap metals like steel and brass. A study from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, found that anodizing brass can produce metal oxides that can potentially store and release energy, much like batteries do. Future investigations are underway to determine how this can create more eco-friendly and non-toxic batteries to power mobile gadgets and more.

Truly, brass has proudly fulfilled its role in the electrical industry, and shows potential in shaping the future of electronics and beyond.



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