Free Cutting Brass in a Multitude of Forms

Side by side with other strong metals, brass has proven its worth in shaping the world’s many industries. Apart from the distinct golden sheen of the alloy, its versatility and physical properties make it a true winner for craftsmen, fabricators, and more.

Get to Know the Alloy

Popularly known in the industry as free cutting brass, alloy C385 has a composition of 60% copper and 40% zinc. In some varieties of C385, copper content can be around 58% while zinc is 39%, and traces of lead are present at about 3%.

Physical Properties

As the name indicates, this alloy has a high machinability, is easily workable, and can be shaped into brass rods, tubes, sheets, and even as a brass channel or angle if needed. Free cutting brass exhibits a rapid chill effect during casting, which allows the lead content to be uniformly distributed across the structure. This makes the material stronger, less prone to breakage, and cuts cleanly without residue or excess. Screw threads, bolts, and nuts are among the many items manufactured with the use of C385.


When exposed to both fresh and saltwater, this alloy can resist weathering and corrosion. Structures made of this type of brass are also able to resist corrosion in acidic environments. However, care should be taken when exposing free cutting brass to alkaline solutions or those that contain ammonia, as these may bring about cracking.

If you need C385 or any other type of brass for your projects, consult with metal specialists. They have a wide inventory of brass in various shapes, sizes, and gauges to perfectly meet the demands of your work.



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