Which Industries Use Copper and Brass the Most?

Copper and brass are much used metals across many industries. Many businesses will find a use for either copper, brass or both in the services they provide. But, which industries use these metals the most?

Common Industry Uses of Copper

The industries using copper the most include plumbing and food businesses.

In plumbing, copper is used in pipes hidden from the eye as well as easily visible fixtures. Plumbing companies that offer copper options may find their customers are attracted to the aesthetic and practical benefits. Its attractive, deep-red appearance—striking when used for faucets, sinks, and showers—lends to its visible appeal.

Copper is corrosion resistant, which means it will not begin to break down when exposed to water. Pipes will frequently be carrying their full capacity, so, it’s vital that they last a long time once installed—giving the nod to copper by contractors and builders.

Within the food industry, copper is a commonly used material, comprising myriad products: pans, pots, plates and bowls to name a few. Cooking implements are a natural for copper because it is an excellent conductor of heat, which means it will cook food quickly and keep food items warmer longer than other composites.

Common Industry Uses for Brass

Brass is an alloy of copper, and boasts excellent acoustic properties due to its zinc components. Because of this, it’s frequently used in the manufacture of musical instruments.  Its importance is such that the category of brass instruments has been coined after the metal, motivating instrument creators to use suppliers with the highest quality brass available.

If your business needs copper or brass for its products, contact a trusted supplier to find out which options are available.


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