Pros of Copper and Brass for Home Remodels

When people think of metal, they generally relate it to industrial and mechanical industries. Recent trends, however, are starting to pop up where people are using metal in their homes. Copper and brass, in particular, are being used for many reasons.

Flexible Design Options

Copper and brass are flexible materials both physically and aesthetically. This lets you complete many interesting and beautiful projects for clients. Copper sheeting, for example, is easy to manipulate and comes in many different colors.

You can choose sheets that have a vibrant luster, replicating the look of gold. Or, you can go the other direction and choose sheets that have an aged look. This injects some personality and creates a distinguished look that’s hard to find.


Whether you are using brass to accentuate the wall or using copper sheeting on the countertops in the kitchen, you can rest assured your projects will hold up because these metals are corrosion-resistant. They are also heat-resistant and are fairly simple to keep clean.

Available Worldwide

The last thing you want to have happen when designing structures for clients is to run low on materials. You don’t have to worry when you use copper and brass, as these materials are readily available. You can order materials in bulk and get them delivered to your location quickly.

Metals like copper and brass give you many design options, whether you are an architectural designer or a metal fabricator. Make sure you have plenty of materials and stay within your clients’ budgets by sourcing from reputable metal suppliers.


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