Why Furniture Designers Should Use Bronze Tube

As a furniture designer, you are always required to come up with creative ideas for clients. This doesn’t have to be time-consuming or hard when you use bronze tubing. It offers many benefits for designers looking to inject some creativity into their work.

Cylindrical Shape

It’s always nice to have materials that are already shaped perfectly because this requires minimal alterations, saving you time, energy, and costs. Bronze tubing already has a cylindrical shape, perfect for many pieces in a client’s home. These include towel racks, lighting fixtures, kitchen accessory holders, window curtain rods, and bed posts.

Different Gauges

Like with many metals, bronze tubing comes in many different gauges that expand the possibilities for use in your project ideas and designs. You can use thin pieces, for example, for more aesthetic reasons. Conversely, thicker tubing may be required for projects serving more practical purposes. Such is the case for the base of tables, nightstands, and TV stands.

Premium Luster

Many designers rely on bronze tubing to replicate the high-end look that gold provides. Fortunately, bronze tubing doesn’t cost anywhere near gold, so you can cut the budget while still giving clients breath-taking pieces that shine from every angle. To maintain luster for these pieces over the years, you may need to polish their surface regularly.

Working with bronze tubing lets you do things you couldn’t with other materials. The end result is long-lasting and unique pieces that bring clients joy. This is important for success in the highly competitive furniture industry.


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