Getting Creative with Bronze Sheet Metal

Being a furniture designer lets you work with a wide variety of materials. In terms of versatility and beauty, one of the better materials you’ll come across is bronze sheet metal. Featuring a striking luster, this material can be used in the following ways.

Eclectic Walls

 If your clients’ walls are lacking personality and character, consider incorporating bronze sheet metal. This project is great for clients looking for a rustic, aged look. Since you need sheet metal that is easy to apply over such a large surface area, it’s a good idea to use pieces that are thin.

 Striking Kitchen Countertops

 Bronze sheet metal also works great for kitchen countertops. Not only do these sheets offer a high-end look at an affordable price, but they are easy to work with. You can bend and cut them however you like, using inexpensive materials and equipment. This type of sheet metal also comes in thick gauges, which is perfect for giving clients long-lasting pieces that hold up to the wear and tear that happens daily in the kitchen.

 Premium Headboards

You can even use this material to accentuate furniture pieces in your clients’ homes, such as bed headboards. Wrap the sheet metal around the perimeter to create a striking aesthetic that is fit for a king and queen.

Working with bronze sheet metal gives you so many opportunities to give clients truly remarkable pieces that are built to last. And, you don’t have to spend a fortune or have trouble tracking these sheets down.


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