Using Bronze Bars in Home Remodels

As an architectural designer, you may have clients looking for a premium and sophisticated look. You can give them this with different interior pieces in a cost effective manner when you use bronze bars. They work great when used in the following ways.

Towel Racks

 Bronze bars come in a cylindrical shape, a design that is perfect for towel racks. You can order bars that are already cut to the right dimensions, so all you need to do is secure them on the wall. The shine coming off the bars gives clients a premium bathroom, while this material’s durability gives them a peace of mind knowing their racks will hold up for a long time.

 Curtain Rods

 This material also works well for curtain rods in the shower because bronze bars are completely corrosion-resistant, so your clients don’t have to worry about the wet and moisture-prone area causing damage to their bronze bar curtain rods. Additionally, since these bars are naturally cylindrical, shower curtain hooks can easily slide along without catching.

 Drawer Handles

You can give drawers a makeover in the kitchen or bathroom by using bronze bars to act as handles. The premium look replicates gold, and the durability of these bars ensures the handles last no how many times they are used throughout the day.

A goal for many architectural designers is to create striking pieces while saving money. Achieve these goals with ease by using bronze bar, a beautiful and affordable material that can be used in a variety of ways.


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