Copper and Brass Used for Crafting Bells

When people think of bells, images of musical instruments and churches are often conjured, evoking happy memories. Companies that make bells for such purposes must be adept in not only crafting a visual delight for a cathedral or orchestra, but also a bell with optimal pitch and tone. Because of this twofold objective, copper and brass find a place in the manufacture of these such auricular delights, although bronze is widely used for bells.

Why Copper and Brass?

Bells and musical instruments are made of copper and brass because of the sound quality these metals produce. Their levels of vibration produce a sound that pleases the ear.

Brass and copper are also durable, a necessity for both bells and musical instruments. Moreover, because of their malleability, they can easily be shaped by hand or machine.

How to Create the Right Tone

The size, shape and thickness of the bell influence an instrument’s sound and tone. In general, smaller bells will produce a tighter, higher-pitched sound, while larger bells will produce a richer, lower-pitched sound.

Thinner bells will vibrate more rapidly to emit a higher-pitched sound. The opposite is true with thicker bells. Subsequently, hand-hammered bells are likely to produce richer and deeper sounds.

Creating a smooth interior bell will allow the sound to vibrate more effectively and produce a clearer sound.

Taking advantage of copper and brass sales to attain just the right types of these metals for shimmer and sound is part of the art involved in making quality bells. Speak to a reliable supplier to source the best materials for your artistic needs.


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