Using Bronze Wire Brushes to Repurpose Furniture

The furniture industry produces a broad range of home innovations. While some furniture are made by professional designers, much is created from scratch or repurposed in factories using machinery.

A common problem for those who are repurposing furniture is that the old paint and texture of the item cannot be removed easily. Businesses should consider using wire brushes to create a range of effects on homeware products, for which bronze wire brushes are particularly useful.

How Wire Brushes Aid in Repurposing Furniture

Wire brushes are a type of tool which can be used by hand or by machine to finish metals, but can be used on wood and stone surfaces, too. Soft wire brushes can be used for polishing and shining a piece of material, and stiff wire brushes are useful when removing paint, debris and even cutting a product. Manufacturers can alter the look of a piece of furniture in many ways by using wire brushes in their factories.

Bronze is a particularly useful material for creating wire tools because it is durable and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. It’s also non-combustible, thereby eliminating the risk of friction when used in conjunction with other moving metal parts.

Developing Bronze Wire Brushes for Factory Use

Bronze sheets, wires, and other forms of the metal can be sourced from a reputable supplier. Not only can a supplier advise you about the ideal type and dimensions of bronze needed to create wire brushes or tools, but also about how to create moulds, extrusions and other parts essential to building your tools.

While wire brushes can also be used by individual designers, many suppliers are happy to work one-on-one with those looking to make a smaller amount of wire tools.


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