What Do Modern Fashion and Bronze Have in Common?

In what can possibly be seen as a nod to knights in the dark ages, modern fashion has begun to see a rise in using quirky materials to create stunning pieces. Fashion designers are curious to see how they can incorporate bronze and other metals into their designs to create a trend that is unique.

Decorative Clothing Additions

Bronze can be cut and shaped into various designs, such as discs, beads, balls, pendants, and more. Fashion designers can speak to a brass supplier about bronze sheet metal, sheets bars, tubes, and other bronze formats that may lend to fashion innovations.

These metal pieces can either be sewn onto an item of clothing to lend a textured and metallic effect to the fabric, or could be turned into a necklace, belt or trim which attaches to the fabric instead.

Properties of Bronze

Bronze is an excellent metal to use on clothing due to its durable and malleable structure. If using moulds to create small pieces, bronze will expand when melted to fill the shape of the mould more fully than other metals, so, the design may be more detailed than expected.

Bronze is also anti-corrosive. While it is unlikely a designer would recommend to their customers to put a delicate piece of clothing into a washing machine, the metal will be able to withstand exposure to water without breaking down.

Bronze comes in a variety of colors and can be patinaed naturally or with chemicals to achieve desired effects and colors. Designers can look for bronze in a deep-brown shade or a light-silver shade, depending on the alloy composition. A supplier will be able to source the ideal bronze for your fashion needs.


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