How to Use Brass to Beautify a Bathroom

Brass and bathrooms go together like a candle and flame; they maintain a history in bathroom design over the years and the trends. They are trending once again as a classic way to insert color, interest, and quirkiness into what can be an otherwise uninspiring room in the house. If you are designing bathrooms for clients who aren’t satisfied with the standard chrome faucets and piping, it is well worth suggesting brass as an alternative.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Brass possesses many aesthetic qualities that make it perfect for the bathroom. The traditional bright-golden color stands out against pale walls and appliances. Combining brass faucets with a classic ceramic bathtub lends a nod to retro.

Bathrooms can often feel cold, so, the warmth of brass used within the space can make it feel more inviting to your clients and their guests.

If the golden color isn’t so appealing, your clients could choose a darker brass instead, which is achieved by naturally or chemically patinaing the metal. Brass can be converted to a chocolate-brown color to achieve a more masculine and contemporary look.

Brass can be a very shiny material that, when combined with the right bathroom lighting, can visually add pizzazz to a bathroom. Brass accents otherwise attract the eye in a room that dons a plain color palette.

Brass Pipes

Brass can also be used behind the scenes of a bathroom. Its anti-corrosive and durable properties make it perfect for piping and other structural aspects of a bathroom.

If you are designing a bathroom and need brass tubing or other brass pieces, speak to a trusted supplier who can help you source the best quality materials for your clients.


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