Copper and Brass Used for Crafting Bells

When people think of bells, images of musical instruments and churches are often conjured, evoking happy memories. Companies that make bells for such purposes must be adept in not only crafting a visual delight for a cathedral or orchestra, but also a bell with optimal pitch and tone. Because of this twofold objective, copper and brass find a place in the manufacture of these such auricular delights, although bronze is widely used for bells. Continue reading


Why Locksmiths Prefer Brass and Copper Components

For a locksmith, choosing the right materials to create locks and keys is critical to securing anyone’s home or business. As a locksmith, you need to provide your customers with the highest quality components in keys and locks in order to keep their buildings and possessions safe.

Because so much is at stake, locksmiths primarily use locks and keys made of copper and brass. Continue reading

Lifting the Mood in Residential Bathrooms with Quality Brass Tubing


Most people rarely spend more time in the bathroom than they need to. It’s merely a stopover before the morning rush to work, or a quick rest stop before resuming daily activities. That’s why many homeowners settle for the most basic of bathroom design and fittings before focusing on beautifying other areas of the house.

With the right touches, however, the bathroom can be a magnificent sanctuary inside your home. It can be a place to collect yourself and find your center before finding the hustle and bustle of the day.
Creating this ambiance doesn’t have to be expensive nor extravagant, either. Strategic design elements using quality brass tubing can spread a lovely visual warmth and feel inside any bathroom in your home.

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A Bronze Tube, Sheet, or Bar Remains Irreplaceable

Since the Bronze Age, humans have been creating tools from bronze. Sure, modern times have wrought substitutes and alternative materials. This doesn’t mean bronze is obsolete though. Indeed, those who create tools for their industry and those who use tools regularly in their own industries, such as farming and machinery, understand the advantages of bronze tools over the eons. Continue reading

The Beloved Metal of Open Seas: Keeping Ships Afloat With Muntz Metal


It’s a harsh world out there in the ocean. Many normal metals that function perfectly on land would not survive for long under the punishing conditions of sun and saltwater. That’s why special metals are needed to keep boats and ships functioning well for many years. Muntz metal is one such metal, and for lovers of the sea, it’s a necessary part of exploring the deep blue.

The Origins of Muntz Metal

It’s easy to assume that Muntz is its own type of metal, but it’s actually a brass alloy. The name Muntz came from George Fredrick Muntz who invented it in 1832. He perfected its zinc and copper content in Birmingham, and Muntz metal has been indispensable in various industries since then, most notably shipping.

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Get the Right Material for Projects with Copper Sheet Metal Suppliers


Originating from the Latin word “Cuprum,” copper is humanity’s oldest metal. Its discovery dates as far back as 8, 700 B.C. with a copper pendant discovered in Northern Iraq. In fact, copper has been with man for so long, the Egyptians had a symbol for copper within the hieroglyphs — the ankh, which they also used to denote eternal life.
Copper has improved life for mankind through the centuries, and it continues to be an invaluable metal today. Industries as diverse as shipping and interior design rely on copper to create projects that are beautiful, functional, and durable.

No matter the industry you are in, you might eventually find yourself looking for copper sheet metal suppliers to give exactly what you need to complete your project. In this case, an experienced, reliable contractor is a valuable ally when you’re sourcing for materials.

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Enact Sustainable Business Practices through Copper and Brass Sales


The market is seeing a significant green trend among businesses—and consumers are taking notice. In 2011, the number of businesses that incorporated eco-friendly practices into their business strategies rose by 65%. Millions of dollars have been invested in green tech, and thousands of clean-energy patents have been filed as of today.

While this is certainly good news for the planet, sustainable practices are also great news for businesses overall. In fact, trends show that consumers look favorably at companies that adopt these practices.

If you’re an entrepreneur, going green is clearly an excellent idea. However, the costs of such a shift might be making you hesitate. Yet even a few simple steps, such as integrating eco-friendly materials into the design of your premises, can go a long way, and you might find the solution when you hit copper and brass sales.

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