How to Use Square Metal Tubing in Sculptures

Metals are no longer seen just as construction material but also as materials to create art pieces from. More people now choose to incorporate metal tubing into their sculptures, or make pieces entirely from metal. This new art form is an exciting addition to the modern design world, and by using a variety of good quality metal tubing, beautiful metal sculptures can be crafted.

Types of Square Metal Tubing

Square metal tubing can be made from several different materials, each with their own properties that work well in sculpturing. Brass is a very malleable type of metal with a muted yellow tone. It’s also corrosion resistant, so if you’re creating a sculpture that will be exposed to water- for example rain or a water feature- it’s a good choice.

Bronze is also a good choice for square metal tubing as it’s very strong. It has a beautiful reddish brown color which is very aesthetically appealing for sculptures, although it is not as malleable as brass.

How to Sculpt with Metal

Depending on the look you’re going for, you can either create sharp lines and angles, or smooth curves with your square metal tubing.

If you want an angled, geometric sculpture then you can cut and solder pieces together in the pattern you want. Using a saw, you can cut crisp edges at the angle you want and then weld them together.

For curved sections, you can bend metal tubing either by hand or with machines, depending on the thickness of tube and the look you want to achieve.

Square metal tubing comes in a variety of lengths, thicknesses and styles to suit your sculpture needs.


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