The Need for Naval Brass in the Shipping Industry

Naval Brass is a specific blend of copper, zinc, tin and lead that gives it properties which are vital in the shipping and marine industry. It is available in many forms, such as sheets for cladding and pipes and rods for certain mechanisms that are exposed to water. Naval Brass can also be bought in bars, tubes and plates to fulfil different functions.

Without using quality naval brass, many naval components directly exposed to water can be easily damaged.

The Benefits of Navel Brass in Shipping

Naval Brass has been developed for use in seawater. The addition of tin in naval brass means the material is prevented from ‘dezincification’, which is where the zinc in the brass corrodes and the material is de-alloyed.

In the marine industry, if dezincification occurs then the material is redundant and would need to be replaced, costing businesses time and money. As naval brass contains tin, this is not an issue.

The composition of naval brass means it is very strong and durable. As such, it is an excellent material for use in a variety of ways, such as in the manufacture of bolts, fasteners and valve stems, as well as shafts, hinges and ship rails.

Due to the color, Naval Brass is often used for its aesthetic appeal on board ships too.

Where to Find Naval Brass

To ensure you’re finding top quality naval brass with all the positive attributes above, choose a trusted bass supplier to source your materials. They will be able to advise on the right quantity and composition of naval brass for your requirements.


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