Copper Roofs Pave the Way for Architectural Design

Copper roofs are rapidly becoming an exciting and functional way to finish a building. Architectural designers need to know how this material can be both striking and beautiful while still being a sensible and practical roofing choice.

Copper roofs tend to be created by shaping metal sheets to create tiles or pieces to be attached to the roof. As this can be a more expensive option than traditional shingles, the best and most cost effective way for designers to create copper roofs is to source the material directly from a reputable supplier.


Copper ages into a beautiful blue-green color over time, so it’s important to remember this when selecting the material for a roof. The metal will look beautiful whether it’s old or new, but should blend with the overall style of a building. Copper roofs will make a statement in both commercial and residential builds.


There are many attributes of copper which make it a clever choice for roofs. As it’s an extremely durable material, roofs won’t need to be replaced for a long time, and it will be resistant to both hot and cold extreme temperatures. Copper is also light, so it won’t put pressure on the structure of a build. This is particularly useful in unusual or experimental designs.

Copper reflects light, which makes it a very energy efficient material to make roofs out of. As less heat is drawn inside the property, the need for air conditioning is greatly reduced. Although copper roofs can be loud when exposed to rain, this may be less of a concern in commercial builds. The water sound may also be exactly what a designer is looking for to create atmosphere for a project.


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