Perfect Match: A Good Night’s Sleep and Metal Beds

When people hear the word “metal,” they don’t often associate it with feelings of comfort. Metal is thought of as strong yet cold. However, the resurgence of metals like brass, copper, and bronze has ushered in a renewed interest in metal furniture such as metal-framed beds.

And with better and more efficient ways of fashioning square metal tubing and sheets, the basic brass bed design is now being shaped into more innovative and exciting new forms. If you’re on the hunt for a new bed, you should definitely keep an eye out for metal beds.

Visually Striking

Perhaps the biggest advantage of metal beds over other types is their beauty. For instance, brass can be coated over by other metals to create a stunning bed piece. In addition, these golden metals undergo a natural patination process as they age, resulting to dramatic hues of red, blue, and green. Finally, these metals can be crafted into intricate designs and patterns.


Most bed frames come in one piece, making them a chore to move. In contrast, metal bed frames require little effort to dismantle and assemble because these utilize nuts and screws. If you ever need to move your bed from one home or another, transferring your beds would be the least of your worries.


It’s not impossible for metal beds to last for several generations, since these are manufactured to survive wear and tear. Metals like copper and brass are also corrosion-resistant, and many metal beds have anti-corrosive coating to delay the formation of rust.


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