Bronze Tubing Ideas for Metal Fabricators

There are many great metals to work with as a metal fabricator. Bronze tubes, in particular, inject a lot creativity into your projects in the following ways.


There are many types of furniture that create the perfect canvas for bronze tubes. Dressers may have a plain look, but you can spice them up by adding bronze tubes to act as the handles on each drawer.

Featuring a gold-like appearance, these tubes give furniture pieces a distinguished look and their aesthetics contrast nicely with lighter tones, like white and silver. You could also use the bronze tubes to create a base for tables and nightstands. You’ll want thick tubes for this project so that these pieces support for whatever is placed on top.


Bronze tubes are also great to use if you’re thinking about creating holders for different objects, be it pencils, tools, or office essentials. Cut the tubing however you like so that it has a unique shape.

Not only will clients have a functional piece of brass, but its beauty will take over any room it is in. Combine multiple pieces of brass together to hold many objects at one time. Since bronze retains its structure over the years and is corrosion-resistant, your holders will be long-lasting. This is important when designing valuable pieces for clients.

Endless metal projects are within reach if you decide to utilize bronze tubes. Find a seller online so you’ll have plenty of materials to work with that are high quality and visually striking.


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