Designing Bathrooms Using Bronze Bars

The bathroom is a relaxing oasis for many of your clients, and they deserve an area that is special. Give them something truly spectacular by incorporating bronze bars into your renovation projects.

Bathroom Drawers

If your clients are missing that wow factor in the bathroom, install bronze bars on the cabinets. These bars are durable, some capable of supporting up to 250 pounds, and clients can be as rough as they want when opening and closing their drawers. They are perfect for the bathroom because of their corrosion-resistant design. Better yet, water and moisture won’t cause these bars to lose their luster.

Shower Holders

The shower is filled with daily essentials, from shampoos to soap bars. Help clients organize these items with ease by setting up bronze bars around the shower. They can act as holders for conditioners, body lotions, sponges, and other cleaning products. Since they are corrosion-resistant, they retain their aesthetic appeal and structure for a long time.

You can even position the bars in a crafty way, whether you use them to form some sort of geometric shape or just secure them in a diagonal manner. The possibilities are endless, and you’ll have plenty of materials to work with when you find a metal supplier. They provide quality materials and bulk ordering to save you money as a designer.

Using the right materials, such as bronze bars, is important as an interior designer. It allows you to get more creative and resourceful, for projects that truly stand out and stand the test of time.



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