The Striking Possibilities of a Copper Roof

Energy-efficient materials are steadily entering the mainstream in the homebuilding industry. More homeowners are looking into ways to have their dream house while keeping utility costs down in the long run. If your client is interested in incorporating energy-efficient yet durable and beautiful materials into major parts such as the roof, your best bet is to hit copper and brass sales.

What Sets Copper Roofs Apart

Copper is extraordinarily efficient in reflecting heat. When used for roofs, you can expect less heat build-up in the upper floors and the attic. This is especially beneficial during the summer since less heat build-up means the air-conditioning system does not have to struggle just to keep the whole house cool and cozy.

Copper for the Long Haul

Adding to the savings is the fact that a copper roof can offer a service life of more than 70 years. Compare this to one of the most popular roofing materials in the market, asphalt, which typically only lasts for 20 years or so which emphasizes copper’s longevity. As a bonus, copper roofs need very little maintenance, making them a truly hassle-free option.

Discover Copper’s Timeless Patina

The color of copper begins with a golden hue, and it gradually patinates to dramatic shades of green or red because of natural weathering.

Better still, copper can be customized to match many types of architecture, from decades-old ranch houses to ultra-modern residences. What results is a unique, eye-catching roof that bestows tons of curb appeal to any property.


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