Cleaning Tips When Soldering Bronze Sheet Metal

Bronze metal is especially conducive to soldering when kept clean. Soldering enables the attachment of two different segments of metal, much like glue applied to wood, plastic or glass. The joining of two metal pieces enables the function, stability, conductivity or operation of a device or structure.

However, there are important factors to keep in mind when soldering, not the least of which is cleanliness.


Sandpaper is effective in cleaning the metal’s surface. It also roughens the surface, making it more conducive to soldering, which encounters difficulties from extremely smooth surfacesMoreover, you can clean the solder the same way you clean the metal: Use a scrubber to remove dirt and dust.


As for the flux, it must be protected from contamination by debris born from your paintbrushes or soldering block. When soldering, don’t use the entire bottle of flux. Pour just the right amount into a container. Once you’re done, discard what’s left in the container, instead of returning it to the bottle.

Clean Hands

Also, grease and oil may stick to the metal and solder, making it harder for the parts to adhere to each other. Wash your hands with a gritty soap to make sure you don’t deposit any dirt, dust, or particles that might prevent the solder and the flux from flowing properly on the surface.

Using clean metal and tools, not to mention maintaining a debris-free workspace, will ensure successful soldering and save a lot of time.


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