The Striking Possibilities of a Copper Roof

Energy-efficient materials are steadily entering the mainstream in the homebuilding industry. More homeowners are looking into ways to have their dream house while keeping utility costs down in the long run. If your client is interested in incorporating energy-efficient yet durable and beautiful materials into major parts such as the roof, your best bet is to hit copper and brass sales. Continue reading


Brass Tubing Products: Widely Utilized for Making Lighting Fixtures

As all interior designers know, it’s the tiny details that make a room special. In short, getting the most stylish furniture does not guarantee a stunning room—it’s the finishing touches that propel a room’s ambience from impressive to incredible.

When it comes to design, one of the most important finishing touches is lighting. With the right fixtures, the flip of a switch can turn a space into a relaxing and inviting area.

But aside from creating the ideal mood, lighting fixtures can also be focal points themselves. Top brass tubing suppliers would confidently claim that brass is an option not to be overlooked.

How can brass create memorable lighting fixtures?

Use Naval Brass, Inside and Out, to Build Stunning, Durable Sea Craft

For some people, the ocean isn’t just a body of water—it’s a venue for adventure. That’s why even in the age of motor vehicles, a huge number of Americans still invest in water craft.

According to data from, almost 12 million recreational vessels were registered as of 2015, and the boating industry netted over $3.7 billion dollars in revenue last year alone. Furthermore, overall sales of sea vessels grew by 6.8% in 2015—proof of boating’s enduring popularity.

Indeed, with boats being in high demand, it’s a manufacturer’s market right now. However, there are many competing boat builders around, so if you want a piece of the lucrative recreational boating market, you need to set yourself apart.

How Sheet Metal Suppliers Help Restore the Nation’s Historic Roofs

History doesn’t just reside in books; it also manifests itself in architecture. Indeed, all states are home to historical buildings that serve as witnesses to the passing of time.

After hundreds of years, however, it’s not surprising that many such buildings require some upkeep to ensure their structural integrity. As it happens, roofs are one of the most commonly renovated parts of historical buildings because they serve the first line of defense against the elements.

Architectural firms chosen to undertake such renovations cannot choose just any material. Most leading sheet metal suppliers say copper remains the most ideal choice.

The Resilience of Copper

Copper has been used as a roofing material for centuries—and in many cases, it also lasts for centuries. In fact, this metal has been used in cathedrals and castles since medieval times, a testament to its unparalleled durability.

Why Watchmakers Should Seek Brass for Sale in Crafting Timepieces

There’s no denying that brass in one of the most commonly used alloys in the world. Everything from architectural cladding to elegant door knobs can be fashioned out of this metal. In fact, so versatile is brass that even watchmakers are behooved to pursue brass for sale when designing new timepieces.

A Storied History

The use of brass for timepieces is hardly a novelty. According to historical records, Giovanni Dondi completed an astronomical clock in 1364 that not only kept time but also displayed the position of the planets. Interestingly, the clock was made entirely of brass and its parent metal, copper. Likewise, the Wallace Collection in London is home to 17th and 18th Century clocks of brass, the majority of which are still working.

Copper Sheet Supplier Discusses the Use of Copper in Facade Cladding

Copper is one of the earliest metals to be extracted and used by humankind. While it was originally used to create tools, coins, and other pragmatic items, it wasn’t long before our ancestors discovered that copper was an ideal material for artistic expression as well. For instance, ancient Mesopotamians used this metal to create detailed figurines depicting daily life.

Currently, copper finds itself at the intersection of art and utility, often employed to stunning effect in many impressive buildings around the world. More specifically, architectural firms are using copper for exterior cladding, often made from copper sheets. Any leading copper sheet supplier would explain that this alloy can weather the elements in stride, developing an attractive patina over the years and further proving its worth as a cladding material.

In fact, many popular and renowned buildings around the world apply copper cladding in the most impressive and innovative fashion.