Design Options with Square Metal Tubing

Whether you work as a metal fabricator or interior designer, a lot of your success is predicated on the materials you use. Make a calculated decision to use square metal tubing because it affords you all sorts of creative routes.

Furniture Frames

Make sure clients’ furniture is protected and stylish by using square metal tubing. Use this material to create a border around pieces, including tables, benches, and trunks.

The gray and silver tones of this material give it an industrial look, which is ideal for clients looking for something a little different than modern and traditional styles. If you choose tubes that are thick, then they provide adequate support and protection for pieces.

Candle Holders

Square metal tubing can also be adapted into distinctive candle holders, letting clients light their homes in a welcoming, exclusive way. Since this tubing already has a square shape, it’s advisable to use square candles to go inside them. You can make diagonal cuts to create all sorts of shapes for the candle holders.

Secure a flat piece of scrap metal to the bottom and weld the sides so that wax can’t seep out. You can also create metal hooks on the back of these metal candle holders, making it easy for clients to hang them up on the walls.

Buying square metal tubing doesn’t have to be a challenge or time-consuming if you use suppliers who can provide materials any time and on demand.


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